The good thing stainless steel is that it is chemical and corrosion-resistant. Besides, it features a comparatively high-pressure rating. This material has low friction and strong resistance against chemicals. The good thing about Aluminum is that it offers good electrical and thermal conductivity. Besides, it can fight against reflectivity and oxidation. Just like steel, brass has a lot of strength. Aside from this, it features high-temperature ductility, impressive bearing properties, high conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and low magnetic permeability.

Keep in mind that nylon is made of different grades of polyamides. Moreover, this general-purpose material has a lot of different uses. The good thing is that nylon is tough and offers good pressure rating. Previously, PVC was called polyvinyl chloride. Nowadays, it is one of the most common materials for making different things. The good thing about PVC is that it offers non-toxic characteristics, high flexibility, and a smooth surface. Since PVC has a passive nature, some specific grades are used in different food and chemical processes.






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